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P-39 has too much ammo


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I stumbled upon pilots notes for a Bell P-39N and found it listed 400 rnds of 50 cal and 1200 rnds of 30 cal.  This listing was in the weight n balance section and it was the total ammo carried.

Therefore that leaves 200rnds per 50 cal gun and 300rnds per 30cal gun.

The game has listed 4400 rnds in all versions of the p39.   Assuming the 50cal is right at 400rnds, you will get 1000rnds per 30 cal.  (test fired and yes there is 52 seconds of 30cal firing time)

This ammo reduction could also be upwards of 300 lb weight reduction (if ammo weight is factored into the aircraft model as a variable).




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It could do either. Sources I have for most P-39 variants list 1000 rounds/gun for the .30-cals or 300 rounds/gun with provision for 1000.

British sources on the Airacobra Mk.I (A&AEE, AFDU, MAP) all list 1000 rounds per gun.

Interestingly all the British testing lists 270 rounds per gun for the .50s, but notes that the empty link container collects both the 20-mm links as well as the .5-inch links, and there isn't enough room to fire a full load.

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Hey I would like to make a correction to the above...

The P-39N manual that I was reading had a "Tactical" example of weigh n balance using 1200rnds of 30 cal...

I then read a 1943 P-39 analysis that stated the "30 cal ammo boxes held 1000 rounds".

So never mind... :)



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