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stats bug: hit, RES - and no kill


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Had a mission with trevor8 yesterday, both of us in Heinkels, he got killed by a Hawk H75 and he claimed to have hit the hawk. Hawk went for me afterwards, layed a lot of MG fire directly into its engine (parts coming off multiple times, you know this visualization) - so he finally pulled away. None of us got a kill on him. Looked up the player, the mission is listed as RES with no kill scored on him and 8 minutes mission time total.

Long story short:

1. plane gets damaged

2. pilot bails very shortly after

3. no kill is credited.

Is this a bug or how it's supposed to work?

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I think the RES timer to avoid getting killed is a minute or something, unless you have critical damage such as an engine failure or whatever. Not sure how its meant to work but that's just what I've learned :P

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