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French tanks audio -all of em


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an open commander position #2 has always been deaf. Open gunner #3 hatch also deaf. 

The only way to hear anything in the french tanks is to open the driver hatch.

This has always been an issue, after 20 years It really needs resolution.


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not my first time bring this up....

This has handicapped french armor for ever. Literally.

How its never been a priority is perplexing, only to say not enough fuss has ever been raised to exert pressure for a fix.

I will look into hiring a serial complainer to post conspiracy theories...... volunteers?

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I’ll tinker a bit and see what can be done.

Main issue is that the TC only has a single audio setting iirc, which is when buttoned down.

Ideally the TC should sat on the opened hatch. Not sure if I can pull it off.

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