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Sherman losing engine audio (3rd person view)


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Attacker: Panzerschreck - this works with all kind of other weapons too (sapper, pak, main guns)

Defender: Sherman

Target: above tracks into engine area (difficult to repeat because mostly it will flame the tank)

Result: White smoke pops up instantly /// Sherman loses engine audio in 3rd person view (for attacker) /// Sherman still hears his own engine audio /// Attacker only hears track audio /// Sherman can drive around as if nothing has happened /// no kill on Sherman - gets RTB

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Oh i had something similar happen with an M10 a while ago. I shot him with my shrek and made him pop the engine out smoke, but then I watched as he drove away from me with no audio just the tracks. Sad part was the he just kept killing our tanks and I was out of shrek rounds because im a noob lol.

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