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109G2 performance is low


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I'll defer to you in this, I have no great knowledge of fuel grades, perhaps more than the average man in the street, but not a great deal more. 

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24 minutes ago, fidd said:

I'll defer to you in this, I have no great knowledge of fuel grades, perhaps more than the average man in the street, but not a great deal more. 

no need to take my word for it, read the US report.

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On 8/12/2021 at 9:03 AM, madrebel said:

Did some offline testing to confirm after someone mentioned the G2 is slower than the F4 even after dropping the bomb.


Here we see two clean 109G2s flying in the 405mph range. Do note, the first G2 isn't clean as it has 2 x MG151 gondolas and a tested speed of 636KPH. A few lines lower we see a clean armed G2 with a camera installed reaching 652kph/405mph. Gondolas are reported to have a speed penalty in the 12-16kph range. here we see this tested and it is a 16kph difference.

For the F4, 635kph/394mph seems to be the general consensus for performance using the 30m power rating of 1.3aTa at 2500rpm. Clearance for the 1.42@2700rpm came later and brought the F4 right up to the 400mph mark, but we don't have that one and it should be noted the G2 was also eventually cleared for 1.42aTa@2800rpm too - neither is important to this discussion though.

Comparing the two directly leaves very little in terms of differences. As I recall, 125KG weight difference the vast majority of which was engine/oil weight. You might think, well, heavier plane will climb worse etc etc ... but you need to account for the improved VDM prop, the 100rpm difference between motors, and that 125KG added to ~3100kg is less than 10% increase in weight that will be significantly offset by an increase in thrust efficiency via the new prop as well as 100 additional revolutions of the prop. Lastly, the armored windscreen was moved from being an external addition to the wind screen to being an internal/integral redesign of the hood and this absolutely cleaned up the drag a bit. remember too that G2s were part of the later high speed dive tests conducted by the Germans. G2s hit .805 mach in those tests and well over 500mph.

the 109G2 was aerodynamically cleaner, flew faster, had better climb, and superior acceleration than the F4, full stop. it wasn't massive but it was better.

if you want a bomb laden 109 in tier2 that is NOT faster than the F4 you could have easily done this by adding a bomb to the F4 or adding a bomb to the F2. either of those are valid options. having a broken G2 is great and all but it isn't correct.

*edit* there was a radio upgrade as well as a radio antennae change as well from the F4 to the G2.


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didnt read all
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