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In-game chat question


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Ok, I never really used the chat feature the whole time I've played the game other than to see any important information from command or players. I just joined a squad and understand what key to use when talking to them, but sometimes I get a random message sent to me from a specific person. How the heck do I respond back to him other then having to find his name on the map and then right click on it.  Thanks 

EDIT: It's the yellow private message channel. There is no F Key command though. 

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It auto-fills the players name so you reply (get it?  dot r = reply to message :)

When YOU want to message a player just type .m player name (don't forget the space between M and the nickname).

.friend PLAYER NAME stores that player's nickname on YOUR friend list so that when he logs in you receive a message letting you know that he has logged on.

.who PLAYER NAME let's you know where your friend is spawned (if you are on the same side of the map - Allied not Axis, vice versa)

Hope that helps!


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