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World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter based in Western Europe between 1939 and 1943. Through land, sea, and air combat using a ultra-realistic game engine, combined with a strategic layer, in the largest game world ever created - We offer the best WWII simulation experience around.

Campaign #184 Stat Awards....ALLIED


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Congratulations Allies on another map conquest!

Campaign 184 awards are below. As a note, both sides "vote" among the senior HC officers, and then a consensus is reached as best we can. 

Most Valuable Player goes to.....themouse! This soldier was absolutely critical to our victory this last map! He is always there to be counted on to do the difficult unpleasant jobs (guard a cp anyone?) Moreover, he has a tremendous game acumen, understands strategy, and definitely helps others! Well Done!



Most Valuable Officer....belongs to Dijpa! He was a significant contributor this campaign in helping move the map eastward! He constantly does the little jobs, yet important like running supply, setting fms, etc. He sets a good example through his ingame leadership, and the award is well deserved!



Most Valuable Squad belongs to the Wolfpack! This squad does all the little detail things in game well! They are unsung heroes by most accounts. They guard fbs, they guard cps, they run trucks, you name it, the Wolfpack does it! Well deserved!




Top Kills belongs to......Stromy! With well over 6,600 kills this campaign, Stromy was #1 killer for the Allied cause as well as the games overall number one in kills! 



Top Captures belongs to....Elli0t! With over 1,250 captures, Elli0t was #2 overall in game. Well done!




Top-Scorer-Rifle-ALLIED.png....Top Rifleman belongs to MCAFEED

Top-Scorer-SMG-ALLIED.png....Top SMG belongs to ELLIOT

Top-Scorer-LMG-ALLIED.png....Top LMG belongs to ELLIOT

Top-Scorer-ATG-ALLIED.png....Top ATG goes to Ezpkins2

Top-Scorer-AAA-ALLIED.png....Top AAA goes to STANKYUS and COBRA

Top-Scorer-ATR-ALLIED.png....Top ATR goes to STANKYUS and MCAFEED

Top-Scorer-Sniper-ALLIED.png....Top SNIPER goes to BAJALUCAS

Top-Scorer-Armor-ALLIED.png....Top Armor belongs to CANUCKPLF

Allied Air Force:

Top-Scorer-Fighter-ALLIED.png....Top Fighter goes to PANDA1K

Top-Scorer-Bomber-ALLIED.png....Top Bomber goes to JCD

Allied Air Forces Command rolled out new Fighter, Close Air Support, and Bombing ribbons in campaign 184! In addition, keeping in mind that we deal with 3 countrys air forces, the Distinguished Flying Cross has been revamped. This end of campaign award (or Senior Staff selection) matches in entirety up with the Axis award for distinguished flying, in three levels. The purpose of the DFC is to recognize those pilots that day in day out, are in the air, can be counted upon to hit targets when asked and/or perform the thankless job of RDP bombing. To begin the rollout of the DFC, first award and bronze level award winners are:











*players to qualify must play only one side during campaign.

With this hard fought victory under our belt, lets take a moment to celebrate our success, and prepare to drive eastward in 185!

Well done all!



CinC Allied Forces

/by dir











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