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World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter based in Western Europe between 1939 and 1943. Through land, sea, and air combat using a ultra-realistic game engine, combined with a strategic layer, in the largest game world ever created - We offer the best WWII simulation experience around.

Campaign #184 Stat Awards....AXIS


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The stats below tell the story of who makes things happen consistently on our side!

AXIS Most Valuable Player is Dandare9! You can find him on the battlefield, usually in a STuG, sometimes an aircraft, but always thinking and playing smart! He coaches "up" the playerbase in a respectful way, and demonstrates his game acumen by constantly rebuilding AI on his own! Well Deserved!



MVO (Most Valuable Officer) belongs to....Googs! Always there, always coaching the players. Will always take charge if needed, and stays online long after he should be doing something else, because he cares! Googs demonstrates to younger officers the meaning of HC by his personal demeanor, his leadership, and his overall game acumen. Well done!



Most Valuable Squad award belongs to the Whips! Can always be relied upon to carry out strategic plans! Forward base elimination, guarding CPs, FBs etc the Whips show how teamwork equals results ingame!





Top Captures award goes to....Lok0! His 1,306 captures were #1 overall in game! Well Done!



Top Kills Award goes to....Iceweiner with over 5,600 kills! (finished #3overall)






Top-Scorer-Rifleman-AXIS.png.....Top Rifleman belongs to ICEWEINER

Top-Scorer-SMG-AXIS.png....Top SMG belongs to ICEWEINER

Top-Scorer-LMG-AXIS.png....Top LMG belongs to SHAGHER

Top-Scorer-ATG-AXIS.png....Top ATG goes to BULLVYNE

Top-Scorer-AAA-AXIS.png....Top AAA belongs to BASE21 and JARVEX

Top-Scorer-ATR-AXIS.png....Top ATR belongs to Lok0

Top-Scorer-Sniper-AXIS.png....Top SNIPER  goes to DERTOD

Top-Scorer-Armor-AXIS.png....Top Armor goes to ROB



Top-Scorer-Fighter-AXIS.png....Top Fighter goes to c00per

Top-Scorer-Bomber-AXIS.png....Top Bomber goes to c00per


In addition, and to match the Allied award of the Distinguished Flying Cross (3 levels) we are rolling out and dusting off an iconic Axis award, the Blue Max, in three award levels. We have day-to-day ribbons for all things air (fighter, cas, rdp, etc) the Blue Max is a career achievement, for those pilots who day in day out, are among the best of the Luftwaffe! These pilots demonstrate sustained excellence, and can be counted upon to answer any request for air support! First award of the Blue Max:



Recipients are:







*Naval not enough worthwhile missions to qualify


Campaign 184 was a long, hard fought campaign, and although it did not go our way, you can count on 185!



CinC Axis Forces

/by dir





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The BlueMax Very Cool, Salute to all the recipients and to All the Axis Wehrmacht. It was a tough Map But we Fought Valiantly S! From Luftwaffe Command, FeldMarschall Gazoo

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Well deserved to all.

Who can knock c00per off his perch? If we had two c00pers we would win every campaign! Good job to all LW. It's always fun to fight up there with you!

Iceweiner, always all over the place doing good work. GJ!

Lok0, another guy who is all over the place and doing the most important work..... getting in cps!

To everyone, including names not mentioned here, you are part of the axis team and keep doing what you're doing!



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