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Error running Chokepoint - Out of video memory


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Just tried to run Chokepoint for the first time. The game wouldn't run and an error message saying: 

Out of video memory trying to allocate a rendering source. Make sure your video card has the minimum required memory. Try lowering the resolution and/or closing other applications that are running.

My PC has 16GB RAM, video card is nvidia GTX 770 with 4GB RAM. I'm running under Linux (WWIIOL works flawlessly). Can this be a problem or is it that my video card really not sufficient?


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Hello yoav how are you.

To the point.

Although WWIIOnline runs perfectly under the configuration you have, WWIIOnline is not a native Linux executable. This would indicate it is running under some form of emulator/Virtual machine on the Linux OS. From a performance perspective this is not an ideal situation as the emulator adds overhead to any operations. Additionally, WWIIOnline does not use the GPU very much at all. It is mostly running on a single processor core for pretty well everything. In WWIIOnline v1.xx processor clock speed is important. Notwithstanding the emulator will be using some processor clock speed and other system resources to "do its thing" too. For WWIIOnline the video card is involved but not extensively.

WWIIOnline: Chokepoint on the other hand is a more modern game built on the Unreal Engine and utilizes the video card significantly more than WWIIOnline ever does. Additionally WWIIOnline: Chokepoint is also not a native Linux executable so will also be running under the same emulator/Virtual machine. It does have far more requirements for system resources as well. As a test you could see if another newer game runs on the system. Whatever game is used to test should be similar to WWIIOnline: Chokepoint.

In short:

·         WWIIOnline and WWIIOnline: Chokepoint are Windows native executables and are not supported under the Linux OS. If they can be made to run under Linux all good and well.

·         WWIIOnline: Chokepoint has far greater system requirements than WWIIOnline, including the GPU and video ram. The system resource requirements to simply run the emulator/Virtual machine and the underlying OS, Linux in this case, only adds to the overall system requirements to run either of the two games. As a standing point games, especially modern games like WWIIOnline: Chokepoint in general, are the most resource hungry programs in common use today. Games push computer hardware development unlike most other common programs.

On the video card specifically. While it is possible upgrading the video card may solve the issue, before embarking on upgrading the video card it might be worth researching how other people setup Linux machines to run Windows games. This would hopefully give an indication of the hardware they used as well.


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Update: after replacing graphic adapter from nvidia GTX 770 4GB to Radeon RX 6600 8GB, Chokepoint runs nicely under Linux.


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