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Observations on Tier 3 Supply


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Tier 3 Garrisons and probably brigade flags too, have way too much supply in them. Me and a couple others have arrived at similar numbers in the time it takes to attrit a 1ab garrison town in medium to high, balanced pop. It typically takes about about 4-6 hours of constant action to attrit a 1ab Garrison. Attack a 2ab town and it adds on another couple hours to attrit. Most aos fizzle out well before 4-6 hours. Then you add in the brigade flags, backline fms's, etc.. and its just a ridiculous amount of supply in my opinion. Tier 1 in my opinion has the best numbers because a regular 1ab Garrison can be mostly attritted in 1-3 hours. 

Btw- I know aircraft numbers were reduced a bit not long ago, but there are so many movable air flags on the map that you can pretty switch them in and out as needed so always keep good planes plentiful . I've never seen an air town low on planes in all the air units in it. Even when axis and allied air guys have large scale dogfights with like 10+ a side, they seem to be always flying their sides top of the line planes and never running out. Have any air guys noticed this? I know people will quit playing if there's too little supply, so it's a slippery slope. 

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that is what me and most axis were already saying for months ... specially after introduction of garrison supply. no surprise there is a stalemate situation all day long 

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