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Training Server: This is a big problem


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Dunno where to post this.

I'm on the training server alot and I keep noticing this problem. Today it was especially bad which made me decide to finally mention it.

I was on air field with a plane, testing sniping planes when they spawn in (just testing it of course, i'm definitely not planning on doing this in game because it is very wrong to do ;) )

Very shortly after I made my mission I tab back over to the pilot to see if I hit him and I see 2 dudes running across the air field to get in the plane. What are the odds two guys would just suddenly log in at the same time and get on my mission? How long were these dudes waiting in the game for?

This happens all the time, they scare the hell out of me some times because I dont expect to tab back in and see some confused dude standing infront of me lol.

Whatever you guys are doing to try to make sure no one joins the training server (such as the text message that constantly is spammed in chat on the server) definitely isn't working. You have players logging into the game, getting on this server and thinking no one plays. There are tons of reviews and forum posts on other boards that i've seen before where people think training server is the real game.

Maybe they think "Im new so let me do some training"

You need to make a change because this really happens all the time. How many of these people just don't try the game again after this happens? Yes they're clearly retarded because they don't read the spammed training server message but sometimes the dudes barely speak english like this one german dude I had to paste in translated text at him to explain things.

Sometimes I tab back over after awhile of shooting on other acct and the guy is already logged out because I didn't see him. Did he find the real server? Or did he quit? Who knows.


You can see in the chat here today that this guy wasn't even sure how to get to the main server. This tells me that it isn't 100% clear for some people, maybe make it where you don't see the training server option unless you click into a different menu/screen. Make it where the only thing you see at first is the main server. OR make it give a pop up that says "The training server is mostly for a player to test equipment by himself, this server usually has no players. All players are on the MAIN server. Are you sure you want to join the Training Server?" I think the option of making it be in a different menu/screen may be smarter since it avoids the problem if they don't speak english.


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