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Needing Help with Ribbons


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I'm seeking assistance with some new ribbon creation.  While I do have some photoshop skillz, I do not have the time to generate side specific ribbon sets for the top lists (at least not for a while).  For the top players, I'd like to automate out the top 100 at campaign end, however currently don't have ribbons for the 'top' categories for both sides.    My wall of text, while impressive, is kind of boring to look at, so would like to break it up.  

Ideally, I'd like something like this :  Top ScorerRifleALLIED186.gif  (top rifle allied) but without the campaign # or box.

For each side, I'm needing help with the creation of a 30px(height)x90px(wide) (see image above) with a distinctive background per side, and something to represent what type of unit the ribbon is for.  

For each side, I'd like to have a distinct ribbon for all of the categories listed in the campaign 187 top players thread.

One with the weapon in gold (for top player), silver (for # 2-10 (or maybe 25% if we expand total # of top players)), and bronze (for the # 11 to 100 (or whatever that # is))

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