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The SD Kfz 231


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The 231 model that replaced the 232 has poorer stability. Even minor bumps will flip it over and it's unlikely that you can right it at all now, compared to the 232. It's surprising that the removal of the weight of the commander's aerial (cage over the top of the 232) has actually made the centre of gravity GO UP in the 231!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite the poorer visibility for the commander I would ask that you roll back to the 232 please. Axis are beginning to think that 'upgrades' sometimes means nerfing kit in favour of the all




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Having last played when the 231 wasn't a thing yet (like, six years ago or so) and having come back to find the 232 replaced by the 231, I don't really see much of a difference. The 232 was also notorious for its near comical tendency to flip and roll, just like the 231 now. And getting it upright again... I'm not sure that was ever meant to be a "feature", so to speak.

I mean: We're talking about an 8.3 ton vehicle and we're meant to believe that its turret traverse and/or 20mm barrel are somehow capable of lifting that thing up and putting it back on its wheels? I'm pretty sure I've done this back in the day with the 232 and I also managed to do it in much heavier vehicles - there was a bit of luck involved but it was absolutely possible to do it. Didn't feel right back then, either. :) And of course there's the question of what would happen to the crew if you rolled a vehicle like that - I'm fairly certain they wouldn't be able to just brush off the dust and continue with their day.

Sure: If that technique still works for Allied vehicles, I'd be all for removing it for them too.

Plus I seem to remember vividly that folks on the Axis-side were actively campaigning for the replacement of the 232 to get rid of its huge antenna - which was deemed a stealth-drawback in-game.



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There was only 1 thing I noticed that changed from 232 and 231. 232 used to be able to flip itself back up 90% of the time using a certain technique. the 231 is about 10-15% of the time. I dont think the 232 was more stable but I may be misremembering. I want to find old vers of the game to test it out but havent found it a place to find old versions yet.

Ive used the 231 probably 80% of my time on ground these past camps. I can hit berms at full speed and not flip. I will send you message on diskord with the tips.

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5 hours ago, SicnesS said:

To be fair any vehicle suspension in this game is comical. Panny is much the same. 

Yeah, like I said to Dan the other day: If anything, this whole flipping of scout cars (or even tanks) kinda illustrates the deficiencies in the game's physics-model (IMO). Lots of stuff feels like we're driving/flying around in an RC-/toy version of the vehicle in question not in the actual vehicle itself.

I mean: Just going by my "experience" with the 232/231 from this game, I was pretty shocked to see that the real thing weighed 8.3 tons. Never seen one in RL, but from what I did find on the web with actual people standing next to it... it was *huge*... the wheel-size alone would make putting it back onto its wheels a pretty serious chore, probably requiring quite the pulling power to ..err.. pull it off.



David Wiley doesn't look like a small dude to me and those wheels, basically, reach up to his hip when he's standing next to the thing.



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