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Squad Tools not able to edit/remove member from squad?


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I believe (I am a CO of a squad) the squadtools.wwiionline.com site used to manage you squad is still not able to remove a member from your squad. 

I'm wondering if it's still broken. I have 327 members and a number if them haven't logged in in along time (years). Also a few of us active members of the squad have recruiting flag enabled which causes alot more of folks joining the squad, being accepted, then after a week leaving the game for good. I get stuck with these folks in the squad as well.

Is there any plans to work on this site?


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Its been bnroke for awhile now, you can remove them the old fasion way in game toggling show Offline Players. Use the Squad Tools To identify players to remove and find them in the list.
Its the way I did it, Its long winded but doing it for 10 mins everytime you log in will soon get the numbers to a managable level :)

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