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In-depth discussion of teamwork characteristics & aids: squads, coordination, capture/spawn, and situational awareness


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I miss an In-depth discussion of teamwork features and aids with positive impact on gameplay, in this forum.

Fortunately, today there are already some games exploring these areas, whose implementation can serve as a test of what works and what doesn't.

How many of you have experimented with some of them?.

What mechanics do you consider interesting in the long term to have an immersive experience that favors the fact of enjoying game mechanics that favor the cohesion of the group of players in a squad?.

To put the focus on the features to be discussed, I enumerate some in a list:

* Spawn methods as a group, and cohesion mechanisms for the squad.

* Spawn points built by the squad leader, vs. pre-set locations.

* Terrain capture and owning mechanisms, to facilitate the experience of concentrated and fluid combat in the progression of a front line.

* Tools and effects to provide situational awareness of the direction of incoming suppressive fire received.

* Aids to provide situational awareness of the position of the squad leader and/or other members of the squad.

* Visual aids to provide information from the squad leader to the squad members and vice versa.

* Types of roles within a squad, and tasks associated with team play, for each one of them.

* Types of squads other than regular infantry, reconnaissance, heavy fire support, etc...

* Role of commander above of squad leaders, for coordination between squads.

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