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World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter based in Western Europe between 1939 and 1943. Through land, sea, and air combat using a ultra-realistic game engine, combined with a strategic layer, in the largest game world ever created - We offer the best WWII simulation experience around.



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World War II Online
Version - April 2023

This release introduces some long awaited additions to WWII Online that include the Wellington medium bomber, Proximity AOs, Squad Missions, Custom IVC channels and much more to include bug fixes.


  • The Wellington Mk III has been added to the Royal Airforce (RAF)
  • Nine (9) new factories have been added to the Axis side: Zwolle, Meppel, Hoogeveen, Harlingen, Limburg and Fankfurt
  • All Allied factories have been combined for RDP purposes, bombing one factory will affect all Allied resupply times
  • Bomber Loadouts have been re-added to the game
  • Proximity AOs have been introduced:
    • Towns with Heavy Inf EWS will trigger AOs
    • If Heavy Inf EWS is lost, the AO will be removed
  • Squad Missions have been added:
    • The Squad must have five (5) members online in order for Squad Missions to be available
    • Only one (1) Squad Mission per side, per Squad
  • Ten (10) Custom IVC channels have been added per side (see your HC for channel assignments)
    • Only applies to channel 1-10
    • Follows the F6 text chat channel (must be assigned to 1-10)
  • IVC now shows CRS members with all CAPS as represented elsewhere
  • Players can now adjust their in-game volume from within the IVC map tab
  • Fuel Barrel PPOs have been added to Supply Trucks
  • Planes, Vehicles and Boats/Ships can now be refueled:
  • Planes - Airfields & Airfield PPOs (can also re-arm)
  • Vehicles - Army Bases, Supply Trucks (can also re-arm) and Fuel Barrel PPOs
  • Boats/Ships - Docks (can also re-arm)
  • Fuel burn rates have been adjusted to be more historical in order to keep in line with our map size
  • All Sherman, Churchill, Pz4 and Tiger tanks have had their 3D model crew members updated
  • Free to Play (F2P) aircraft now have a different look than other versions
  • The gun audio for Hurri IIBs has been updated
  • Barrage Balloon PPOs have had their max damage updated in order to be harder to destroy
  • Gun Emplacement PPOs have had their proximity to other objects changed to stop blocking
  • The STG44 now has updated audio
  • All SMGs have had a recoil audit
  • All standard and limited SMGs have had their pistols removed and ammo amounts adjusted
  • Bombs have had their whistle sounds updated
  • Grenade explosion effects have been adjusted
  • New effects, audio and visual, have been added for 500kg bombs
  • The HCMSP PPO has been added to the HC Officer class
  • The HCMSP PPO's 3D model has been updated
  • Csm308 has been added to Bunker interiors and has a City CP named after him
  • Lille, Calais and Antwerp now have different versions of a Star Fort
  • A well has been added to Ooltgensplaat
  • Verdun has had a Crypt added to its surrounding area
  • A barn has been added to the vicinity of Tienen and Reusel
  • A damaged airfield has been created at Martlesham for initial introduction
  • A causeway has been added north of Moerdjik
  • AI MG Towers and Bridges have had their textures updated to appear more weathered
  • Removed four bridges around Piesport
  • Barbed wire has been added to the top of Armybase walls
  • Mooring points and crane rails have been added to urban harbors
  • Added three new Airfields to the UK: Gravesend, Southend and St Mary's Pitt
  • Added stairs to the garage of the Spawn buildings
  • Murder holes in Armybase walls were reduced down to two
  • Fourteen (14) new towns have been added: Fismes, Bouvancourt, Cerny-en-Laonnois, Bourg et Comin, Braines, Vailly Sur Aisnes, Chavignon, Soissons Les petit, Soissons, Port Fontenoy, Ooltgensplaat, Val de Livres, Reusel and Crucifix

Bug Fixes

  • The Delete all Waypoints and Contact Reports bug has been fixed
  • Corrected an issue when some units that was causing extra-long despawn times
  • Fixed an issue with some areas missing train tracks
  • Fixed an issue that caused multi-crewed units to not report stats properly
  • Multi-crewed units will now be forced to re-initiate the multi-crew join process after each mission
  • The Ju88 has had a few bugs repaired:
  • Reversed rudder pedal movement
  • Hard to read speed and altitude indicators
  • SPAA 20mm gun audio has been fixed
  • Added missing FBs between Orbeval and Clermont-en-Argonne
  • Muzzle smoke has been reduced to help with visibility after firing
  • Engine fire effects have been updated
  • Adjusted FB tents to correct an issue that caused infantry to pop up above the FB tents
  • Adjusted footsteps sounds so they aren't so loud
  • Adjusted tank track sound volume
  • Fixed and issue that was causing some Mac clients to crash while the game was loading

S! Cornered Rat Software

Copyright 1999-2023 Playnet, Inc.

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*** The HCMSP PPO has been added to the HC Officer class

?? what is this HC PPO MS ?  Details please.

Edited by delems
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42 minutes ago, delems said:

*** The HCMSP PPO has been added to the HC Officer class

?? what is this HC PPO MS ?  Details please.

HC Officer class can place a rifleman only MS. Its in the wiki. It was a thing, but got removed, now a thing again.

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*** All Allied factories have been combined for RDP purposes, bombing one factory will affect all Allied resupply times

So, does that mean, right now (this current map), USA is still tied to British?  And French and British nations are separate?

They are not averaged and all together?

Edited by delems
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dont forget to add the stg44 recoil audit to the notes or else you will be attacked in the forums for sneaking changes into the game (not that anything you do would ever stop that from happening of course)

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1. The Wellington is a medium bomber here, but a heavy bomber in the Wellington Bomber Debuts thread.

2. Frankfurt, not Frankfurt.

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