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Changing Countries Supply Bug


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I was told this was a known issue, but could not find another post detailing it. a .report was also submitted in game with some detail. When AHC puts in a command to change country during the 10 minutes no penalty time if that town experiences a DO the system will auto reject that order with a message that a town under attack cannot change nations, when this was experienced faction change was ordered at 8 mins remaining. After the message was experienced and supply began arriving in, you were able to reserve any available unit but if you attempted to spawn in you be met with a message that the unit was unavailable. No other allies were able to spawn in, According to HC member the bug is reproduceable. In order to "fix" supply after the DO is gone you can command a country change, this will change the country but force a RDP penalty on the unit. This bug has major negative gameplay effect, until fixed no country changes should be made as a DO can come at any time after a town is captured during the 10 minutes and frequently do occur. 

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