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Changes to Axis FTP units and to French Armor Supply


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The Axis had a light IIC and medium 3F Panzer for Free to Play use.  All of the other countries have just light tanks.  To keep things consistent, the Panzer 3F is no longer FTP and the 38T will be FTP with the IIC.  We do add extra supply across all counties for the FTP units.
Secondly, the French army garrison numbers were adjusted slightly because we found an error.  Armor "parity" is broken down into classes by light, medium and heavy armor.  The Stuart was classified as a medium tank and it's supply numbers were included as a medium French tank.  The Stuart has been moved into the light tank class and some later tier Stu numbers were reduced.  The S-35 and Sherman medium tanks supply numbers were bumped up by a couple in each garrison.  I'll be looking at the moveable brigades tomorrow.   There is a pinned link in the General forum discussion page 




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