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World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter based in Western Europe between 1939 and 1943. Through land, sea, and air combat using a ultra-realistic game engine, combined with a strategic layer, in the largest game world ever created - We offer the best WWII simulation experience around.

mobile AFs


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Seems to be no flag near, to see who owns it.

Also, can destroy our friendly maf :( with HE.

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Neither of these 2 problems are issues and they do not warrant wasting dev time on.

1) Can kill friendly MAF just like you can kill all other friendly ppo. It is good to be able to do this for various reasons

2) Maf do not have flags but they do not need them as anyone using an MAF is working with other friendlies and are aware of where the maf is. The range to build away from enemy facility is so great that it makes it obvious if an maf is friendly or not. Lastly they are often placed within RES range of a friendly town in case of bending prop which is another obvious sign of who owns it

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