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World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter based in Western Europe between 1939 and 1943. Through land, sea, and air combat using a ultra-realistic game engine, combined with a strategic layer, in the largest game world ever created - We offer the best WWII simulation experience around.

Anyone excited for Chokepoint in UE5?


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What the title says... 

It's one of the games I'm actually excited. Since this game is designed for short games (at least I hope), that's gonna be so much better if you feel like you just wanna kill and the battle is short. It should make the game more competitive. Not like Hell Let Loose where you basically spend 40-45 mins (although it's a good game don't get me wrong... I just find it too boring when you have to play a match that normally lasts 45 mins, especially when there is nothing significant about it... No campaign, not like WWIIOL tbh). 

Share your thoughts because I'm actually hyped... Trying to find decent WW2 games, the only good games that I find are Red Orchestra 2, Darkest Hour, Post Scriptum but these games are pretty dead with only one server alive. 

C'mon, let's bring UE5 already! 

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Will it support DLSS and RAY TRACING?

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I am excited - have played alpha testing and it is outstanding 

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