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Death triger fixed but not for all ?


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You can't tell if the grass is greener on the other side, you have to go over and look at it yourself and maybe taste it to see if its as good as it looks. The grass is equally as brown and unforgiving on either side. Stop whining just because you suck and learn how to play. I fail with failsauce but I don't say germans have it easier. Hell, everytime I ever flew a 109 I think I died from headshots to the pilot, every time I flew a allied plane I either blew up, got shot in the legs, or lost a wing. Every time I die as a infantry man it was because my enemy was in a better position or reacted faster. Or there was a random @#!$@%#$% tank. @ Side Bias

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I managed to death trigger a bofors yesterday' date=' although I lost all ability to slew the gun, only fire up into the air, but I shall have to try again a few times to make sure it wasn't a fluke.[/quote']

Probably not a fluke. Just killed a stuart with death trigger with my FMB.

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