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CTD at Initializing Vehicle System


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I'm going to make another executable for some of you to test, just to make sure there are no SSE2 instructions. It will be an ww2_x86 exe.

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Refer to earlier post:

AMD Athlon XP3200 2.2 GHZ

3 Gigs ram

Nvidia 6800 (With latest drivers)


1.29 worked just fine on my antique!

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Your compiler is using SSE2 instructions again' date=' CRS.[/quote']

Different issue X but yes, probably an issue with Athalons. We no longer have any of these in house to test with but I've got a test executable...gimmie a minute.

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I'm running AMD chipset - AMD XP 3000, on Windows XP home edition. Graphics card an Nvidia GeForce 6200 (3d). Have exceeded hardware spec as stated, for memory etc.

Not sure if I'm bombing at the initialising vehicle system (although it did hang at that point once or twice last night), my progress bar looks like it almost complete, when I CTD..like 99% complete....

This probably does not have anything to do with uninstalling/installing repeatedly. The exe used is not SSE2, because his processor does not support it. The exe used is ww2_x86, as shown in the log. I went through the libraries and no SSE2 is used by accident for the ww2_x86.exe

What OS is this problem on? I see AMD for one. Any others? What video card? Any beta testers here having this problem?

Doc has an older AMD at home and will test this by installing the full version and report back in the morning on what he has found.

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