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#6423 - Playgate Error Status 20001


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Im getting the same error code and it won't even let me play the game it goes t the screen where it says WW11 online but about a min. later it closes and goes back to my desktop i waited about an hour but still nothing happend i tried it again and again but still the same thing can somebody help me about this.:confused:

Look Here,seems CRS saying this might be our problem:


I never had a windows error message like this until the 1.34.8 patch,

I'm fortunate I guess, I can click OK and game Loads.

Have uninstalled and reinstall 1.34.9 and still get error.

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I uninstalled the game but still the same thing happens it keeps bringing me back to my desktop and my trial days are going away.

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I have the same issue in my case i disable my back up and the game loads . Otherwise it ctd when seaching for best connection

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I get it on both of my PC's :(

Same got 2 pc one integrated one non. Both get same exact **** errors. All i hear is update vid card firewalls. No ive been to schooling for it. Updated drivers all here.Port forwarded dmz changed. non integrated gets same error as integrated got the newests serioes of amd x series..... i feel like getting the run around. W.e just admit to things instead of misleading your customers. Honestly is the best policy no? well lets see how long company stays for. I think this has happend to another company where went completly bankrupt to by bye.

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Got it as of today - map was already set for bloody battles when I tried to log on the first time. Haven't had it before. No windows update, no BGE update. It just magically appeared today for the first time.



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I have re-installed tha game three times but this anoying message keeps coming up when I'm loggin on, is it my computer that is f....ed up or is it a bug?

It's on the "playgate (Battleground Europe Lancher) and it reeds: t:0 Error ip, port 27015, state 2001

Then when I click "OK" the game starts like normal anyway, weird?

But if I don't click ok right away and wait like a couple of minutes it says that connection has been broken ..yada... yada!


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Got it on one of my pc's Sunday, but clicked through it ok and game loads

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I get this error every time since re-installing after 1.34 ...I don't notice it much now I just click on OK and carry on it doesn't seem to cause me any problems.

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i have gotten this twice in the last week or so .. game carried on as normal without issue .

have been getting far far farless CTHR messages and only the odd CTD in the last week.

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I get it every time. not so many CTD's now, but very long waits between clicking the OK button to spawn in, and actually getting into the game - up to 3 or 4 minutes at times.

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I get this message also. The game will load but I am getting a CTD every 3-4 sorties.

I have uninstalled/reinstalled the whole game and it did not fix the problem.

I even did a fresh install of Windows 7, installed all the latest drivers and still get this error.

I have had my ISP check all the lines and they said the lines are good. All the tests on my end pass.

I've been having this problem for too long now. I won't venture to say what CRS priorties are, but this problem moved to the top of my list of wanted fixes a long time ago.

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fyi - go fur

I logged on today after DOC took the server down last night. So first login since the reboot or whatever he did.

Now I get the ip error "every" time I log in. Same as before, check ok and it lets me play on.

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I am getting it now, it's 5/18/2012 andthis thread is a bit old, I did a full install from the site's offline installer.

I have reinstalled twice. I'll do some debugging on my own and if I get a fix for it, I will post that to the community and devs.

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I am getting this error now as well, can't log into the game at all. Server selection works fine, click OK an then I am getting a black svreen (no splash screen visible) and I am back to desktop.

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Update: Uninstalling RA Beta partially solved the problem. The 20001 error dialog box still appears but I can login to BGE again.

Never mind, game froze and now I am back to not being able to login again.

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Crash problem solved, didn't have anything to do with the 20001 error. Reason was the TS Overlay plugin, the 20001 error is still there though.

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Hi Gophur, I'm having the same problem on a clean brand new system with full install and all the latest and greatest. I dont have teamspeak or the overlay so I can rule that out. I've changed priority of connection device, opened ports on my router, turned off windows firewall, allowed access to playgate and wwii exe's, and pretty much tried everything I can find.Is the ticket still open? Any success?

What can I run and copy for you that would help you figure this out so those of us who are locked out can get in on the action?

DebugMessage System Open.

N [2012-11-08 21:13.25.150 teulTransport.cpp:524] initializing teulClient teul compiled Jan 23 2012 at 11:57:00

I [2012-11-08 21:13.25.150 teulEndpoint.cpp:536] MAX_CONNECTIONS 256 freeEndpoints 256

I [2012-11-08 21:13.25.150 teulModRecv.cpp:148] FD_SETSIZE = 64, sizeof(fd_set) = zu, MAX_POLL_FD = 260

I [2012-11-08 21:13.25.150 infoMessages.cpp:47] infoInstallCallbacks: installing PLAY_INFO_CALLBACKS_X callbacks

I [2012-11-08 21:13.25.150 infoMessages.cpp:50] infoInstallCallbacks: done

I [2012-11-08 21:13.25.150 registry.cpp:68] Path = C:\PROGRA~2\CRS\BATTLE~1\

I [2012-11-08 21:13.25.150 registry.cpp:68] CSIDL_PERSONAL = C:\Users\douchey\Documents\

I [2012-11-08 21:13.25.150 registry.cpp:68] DataPath = C:\Users\douchey\Documents\Battleground Europe\

M [2012-11-08 21:13.25.150 Playgate.cpp:321] Playgate version 1.1.9 Copyright© Playnet Inc, 2001-2009. Command Line: . ExePath: C:\PROGRA~2\CRS\BATTLE~1\. DataPath: C:\Users\douchey\Documents\Battleground Europe\.

I [2012-11-08 21:13.25.150 Playgate.cpp:334] Regions

I [2012-11-08 21:13.25.150 Playgate.cpp:338] TOS

I [2012-11-08 21:13.25.150 Playgate.cpp:344] Regions follow-up

I [2012-11-08 21:13.25.150 RegionSelect.cpp:268] No regions using US defaults

I [2012-11-08 21:13.25.150 RegionSelect.cpp:275] Auto-selecting Playnet

I [2012-11-08 21:13.25.150 RegionSelect.cpp:203] lookup(auth.playnet.com) gave

A [2012-11-08 21:13.28.332 teulModRecv.cpp:1771] STALL. teulModIdle interval=3182

A [2012-11-08 21:13.28.597 teulModRecv.cpp:1771] STALL. teulModIdle interval=265

N [2012-11-08 21:13.28.909 teulTransport.cpp:170] t:0 connected calling 014AE4C0

A [2012-11-08 21:13.29.206 teulModRecv.cpp:1771] STALL. teulModIdle interval=297

I [2012-11-08 21:13.39.221 PlayerLogon.cpp:177] Login request "douchey"

A [2012-11-08 21:13.39.533 teulModRecv.cpp:1771] STALL. teulModIdle interval=312

I [2012-11-08 21:13.39.673 PlayerLogon.cpp:184] Login reply [n]

A [2012-11-08 21:13.39.970 teulModRecv.cpp:1771] STALL. teulModIdle interval=297

A [2012-11-08 21:13.46.397 teulModRecv.cpp:1771] STALL. teulModIdle interval=4758

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] size = 500

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Date and time: 11/8/2012 21:13:48

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] [NULL]

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] [NULL]

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] ChoosePixelFormat recommended #7

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Max pixel format is 134

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] There were 134 pixel formats

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Format #16, Version=1, Flags=0x8425, PixelType=RGB, ColorBits=32, R=8, G=8, B=8, A=8, AccumBits=64, R=16, G=16, B=16, A=16, DepthBits=24, StencilBits= 8

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Swap Copy

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Supports OpenGL

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Can draw to window

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Double buffered

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Deduced pixel format was #16

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Version: 4.2.0 [67239936]

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Renderer: GeForce GTX 550 Ti/PCIe/SSE2

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] **** ALL the GL stuff is available, cut for space****

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] upto 79 extensions available

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Number of compressed texture formats supported: 13

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Format 0: DXT1 - RGB (0x000083f0)

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Format 1: DXT3 - RGBA (0x000083f2)

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Format 2: DXT5 - RGBA (0x000083f3)

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Format 3: Unknown! (0x00008b90)

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Format 4: Unknown! (0x00008b91)

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Format 5: Unknown! (0x00008b92)

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Format 6: Unknown! (0x00008b93)

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Format 7: Unknown! (0x00008b94)

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Format 8: Unknown! (0x00008b95)

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Format 9: Unknown! (0x00008b96)

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Format 10: Unknown! (0x00008b97)

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Format 11: Unknown! (0x00008b98)

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Format 12: Unknown! (0x00008b99)

I [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 ogl.cpp:691] Compressed Textures: 8

W [2012-11-08 21:13.47.988 teulCallback.cpp:55] executing error for callX:250 callY:204

A [2012-11-08 21:13.53.136 teulModRecv.cpp:1796] STALL. idle endpoints interval=5148ms

A [2012-11-08 21:13.53.167 teulModRecv.cpp:1771] STALL. teulModIdle interval=5179

A [2012-11-08 21:13.53.433 teulModRecv.cpp:1796] STALL. idle endpoints interval=266ms

A [2012-11-08 21:13.53.464 teulModRecv.cpp:1771] STALL. teulModIdle interval=297

A [2012-11-08 21:13.53.651 teulModRecv.cpp:1771] STALL. teulModIdle interval=125

Debug Message System Closed.

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