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2nd account cant spawn CE anymore


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Well..in the end...it is a business, that needs $$ to continue, despite heavy reliance on unpaid community help.

I liked having the fully equipped hero tow account, but then again I don't 'give it' to any one else....to use.

I am not sure what the 'magic' sub level is that encourages a player to 'commit', though I would guess, as mentioned in a previous post, it's a bit complicated. 

Reality is that it is somewhat amazing the game still exists.

Compared to some other games I play...I do have to say...I don't feel I am getting 'robbed' or 'suckered' every time I lose a unit after a battle or have a myriad of options to make my unit more UBER than opponents, who have sunk time/$$ etc... to get units that easily kill whatever I bring.

Anyway....just some thoughts on it.

Don't know the magic equation for this... that's CRS problem.

But I will keep paying and playing for a while yet.




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