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    • Yeah... the 4thLMB (100% french speaking squads) had the Anhee-Givet area on allied side.
    • I used to love the same aspect.. I was with 3CB when I first started to play and our area was Kalmthout and Schilde north of the river line along with BKB.. 
    • Your memory of that time is quite different from mine. I would go so far as to call it revisionist history.  So, we'll have to agree to disagree.  I never wanted AO's. I've never liked AO's. I blame AO's for SOME of the downfall of WWIIOL... as I said it would cause back in 2004. AO's have done nothing but further reduce the population ... in turn making them necessary. They were not necessary in 2004.  Sure, there were times when towns got capped in a "Ninja" style. But, that was also what could sometimes make it so exciting.  The planning. Trying to over-stock supply without the other side learning about it and preparing adequate defense. You know... like in real war.  I really loved being part of of a squad that was responsible for 6 towns in the center of the map. We OWNED those towns. They were OUR responsibility. It made it personal, exciting ... and fun. 
    • It's really not though.  That may have been the original genesis for 1.36, but even that original concept was nothing like the AB-based supply that we had during 2001.  And I mean nothing.  That system had so many major flaws in its design, flaws that primarily drove a wedge right through the middle of the Allied playerbase.     Even though CRS initially stated that they were doing away with brigades entirely, they eventually saw the merit of a hybrid system (which is also nothing like 2001-2004).     AOs may have taken the fun of ninja-capping towns away from the baby seal clubbers and thereby caused their exodus, but the gameplay of 2001-2004 was not healthy.  It was self-damaging.  The drain began well before 2004, and it was because of the core gameplay mechanic of having to defend a massive frontline at all times from people hell bent on AVOIDING a fight as much as possible in order to capture territory in the easiest way possible, and then somehow claim that they were just being "creative" and utilizing their "freedom" and "organizing their side"...   Why on earth do you think they even introduced AOs in the first place?  Do you think it might have been a reaction to the feedback they were getting about the [censored] poor gameplay?   I'm particularly harsh on this topic because it's utter nonsense.  
    • Most certainly this will be my last forum post, so I am looking forward to your kind gratitude for saving you a lot of time in the future. No 5 cents from this guy anymore. You might read this last statement in this regard or just leave it be for people who wonder why I stopped posting. I can just say the community management drove me out of putting any more thoughts or care into this game anymore. Anybody who read this forum in the last couple of weeks might know this has to do with the “discussion” about RDP. So let’s take a look at the timeline of how things went concerning RDP changes: 1. Months before the timer changes were made, some folks explained with a lot of good reasons why any change that would put more relevance to RDP bombing once again would have a clearly negative and totally one sided outcome resulting in axis being dominated by allies. This was not an opinion; it was a fact based prediction which was not taken seriously. But that’s not the problem, anybody can make mistakes, anybody has the right to deem an opinion irrelevant. At least it would be good community management to simulate interest in these concerns. 2. CRS made two supply changes at once, both are putting way more relevance to RDP bombing. No small adjustments over time. The outcome was not only as it has been predicted, it was and is even worse. The RDP war is not one sided, there is only one side. The mentioned opinions were not totally false, surely you can still deem them to still be irrelevant. 3. Following the clear results of total imbalance for weeks, CRS puts out a facebook post claiming “Bombers this Campaign are having devastating effect on both sides”. (LOL! Must have been written by Muhammad as-Sahhaf) People start complaining in the commentaries that this has to be a joke because there are no “devastating” axis RDP raids and the situation is totally out of balance. Community managements response is: “The Heinkel packs a strong punch and we've seen some organized Luftwaffe flights take off. Getting some more LW bombers in order will add great effect against the Allies. Need to start planning and organizing these missions, rally up and get some good missions rolling asap!” What does this tell us? community management is trying to sell a complete mess as an improvement that has been achieved. Making people, who had to deal with the mess in the first place, even angrier in the process. If those people point out how messy the mess is, the response of the community management sounds like this: “it’s the players fault. If there is something wrong with the gameplay, it’s just because of you”. 4. More and more people are visiting the forums. Axis players with complaints about how imbalanced the situation is, allied players with bragging about how imbalanced the situation is. No community management acknowledgement yet that there might be a problem at all. 5. Community management is putting out posts in the forums and on facebook to point out the number of complaints and brags about the imbalances. You might think it would sound something like this: “we received the message and are looking into this right now - but we won’t change an ongoing campaign”. Well, you are quite wrong. They obviously think they started some kind of “heated debate” or increased interest for the game by making a lot of people angry and a lot of people quivering in schadenfreude. If you look at the threads, there is no discussion. And there is clearly no enthusiasm. It is one side describing the imbalance and one side trying to defend it or to make fun of the players that are put into disadvantage. In conclusion: Clearly the community management thinks this is no discussion about how to improve gameplay but part of a WWE promotion with any feeling being a good feeling. You see your complaint not taken seriously, quite in the contrary, every complaint is taken as a sign for improvement that has been achieved. They pad themselves on the back for making players angry, as long as they come and complain about the situation in the forums. As it stands, coming to the forums, pointing out a problem and describing what the cause might be and what a solution might look like doesn’t lead to them taking it seriously but rather think they did a great job in earning heat. That’s what can be taken from their official responses. So if you come and take part in a discussion to get rid of an imbalance, you are just working on making it stay. As I see it the only helpful reaction against a change that messed up a part of the game is stopping to play that part. If RDP war is broken, don’t take part in it. If LW is at a disadvantage against the allied air forces then stop lifting planes. Don’t come to the forums. Tried it. Spent a lot of time here. Didn’t work. Farewell.
    • 1.36 is technically a fallback to past gameplay   It's a legitimate request to ask for other audits, especially from retired veterans and squads that we LOVE to see back out here. Please don't be too harsh All their questions and concerns should be discussed. Because the new team asks for it to adapt the vision. Now, although there is truth in all of the opinions, brainstormed content will pass CRS' filters only *IF* required changes can significantly help to increase population.  @SCKINGdefinitely the right path to consider, I would concur. The RDP thing is however a good proof that this playerbase IS looking for hardcore things. So *could* be an open frontline.
    • Also, this little tidbit about AOs was... well, it just speaks for itself:   -Additional commanders approve the order with the number required depending no the server population. If the population is low only one commander is needed. While this presents the opportunity for not enough commanders to be available this has proven not to be the case as yet with other objectives. Commanders are high ranking players with a duty to the men under them and generally take that responsibility seriously. Under deployment, the brigade commander will be issuing these objectives and when he is not present there will always be an acting brigade commander available from his officer staff.
    • we could shoot down allied bombers if they didnt despawn as soon as ya get near them or kamikazee in to the factory lol
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