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      We need your help to achieve some important goals this year! The WWII Online 2018 Funding Campaign is running right now! There's a new RAT scurrying around the battlefield, have you seen him? 1.35.12 Alpha testing continues, and more in this update! WWII Online 2018 Funding Campaign 2018 is poised to be an exceptional year for WWII Online with the delivery of new vehicle content and finally, we're making huge breakthroughs working on Terrain! As a mostly volunteer-based team, CRS continues its great work unlocking new development capabilities and propel the game forward, however we need YOUR help to give it an extra push from the WWII Online community to see that important objectives are met. Upgrading the game to a 64-bit client is now a matter of vital importance! Apple announced its plan to discontinue support of 32-bit clients effective September 2018, essentially discontinuing our Mac client. We expect Microsoft to follow Apple in the not so distant future. In light of this fact, we have some software we need to acquire so that we can begin rapidly upgrading our clients to 64-bit to ensure we meet this deadline! With that, let's have a quick look at what your contributions will go towards (see below). Quick Overview of Funding Goals Here is a quick overview of what your contribution(s) will be focused towards: Secure critical software to upgrade to a 64-bit game client (Windows & Mac). Integrated Voice Comms deposit. +1 Year of support for Creator Software (Enables the creation of new vehicles and terrain). +1 Year of essential Project Management Tools. Hardware upgrades to improve infrastructure and services in the colocation facility. Support for completion of the 2018 Development Roadmap. Stretch Goal (Officer & Mission Leader Uniforms, Old Bunkers and more). With your backing we can make these goals possible. We hope our continued delivery of software upgrades, new game content, bug fixes, and our abundant transparency has worked to earn your trust and confidence. We hope you are as thrilled as we are about this year's activity and effort! Let's advance the WWII Online dream even further into the future and get this funding goal achieved.   Click here to learn more about this important funding drive and to contribute today!




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    • I have heard that when you cap the city cp it destroys all of the ai in town. However, i have observed this isnt the case ... at least in regards to the ab ai. Can anyone shed light on this, whether it is bad info?
    • Yeah spot lights from ai towers would be a cool effect.
    • As i understand it. Any cp is warpable so long as you are witbin range wgen you despawn.
    • I would like to be any allied infantry Email: jason.galvao00@gmail.com
    • We won't ever see this again.  I was a pre day 1 player, and for all its faults the original WW2OL was a brilliant game. Purely IMHO, the death of WW2OL came in a number of stages: 1.  Introduction of mobile spawns .... prior to that, to get to a town you needed teamwork ... you'd pile into an opel or bedford with your teammates and get dropped off.  You KNEW the players on that truck ... chances were, you played with them every night.  You chatted, you laughed .... in some ways WW2OL back then was not just a game ... it was the original social network long before Facebook or Twitter was ever thought of. 2.  Failure to address long standing physics issues ..... planes flying inverted faster than upright?  Don't fix the physics..... just put another 'kludge' in that kills engines after a certain period of time.  Planes flying faster with wings and half wings missing?  Dpn't fix the physics.... just put yet another kludge in. 3.  Bowing to HC pressure.  Remember the Breakfast Club?  I played in TZ3 and the forum screaming was deafening.  So CRS decided to come up with a way to penalise sides that had large congregations of players. Congratulations ...... it worked.
    • ok I am a returning member after about 8yrs or so but ready I think.  I enjoy paks and flaks but stick me in where you can.. SI
    • Please remove my name from the list, same with LTARmoil 
    • B1 ter, as in the 3 items sitting in the bottom of the sea, in that configuration, would be viable.
      They were real, documented, and the intention was to produce that configuration, thats why they packed them up and tried to get them out of france.

      Sau40 and the S40 would both probably be viable, strangely enough the SAU40 i think it was actually wound up engaging in combat.

      Those 3 are real tangible things that for the most part simply needed a factory, and a non surrendering country to carry out production. The B1 ter may not be quite the terror of T1 that the B1 bis is for T0.
      Up-armored turret, limited traverse of hull gun, a lot more weight on same chassis, so is going to suffer for speed.
      No real increase in firepower.

      Sau40 is comparable to a StuG i guess you could say with an MLE 1937 (no 75mm apx)
      Or a Hetzer if you squint at it and ignore the little MG poking out the top And the S 40 is mostly an S35 with a better engine, bit stronger suspension and ARL 2c turret, which is welded
      Same 47mm gun.
      So in essence it is just a bit beefier and maybe a bit faster S35, but that is ok, the S35 is actually pretty good
      So a faster one with a bit better armor is good.

      Not really sure the ARL 39 could be called viable
      I dont think they ever got the issues with the apx 75mm fortress gun worked out?
      The SAU 40 would out shoot it vs armor anyways, its biggest use would probably be infantry support throwing heavier 75mm HE
      and smoke in my opinion.
      They ordered them, but what good is an order when you dont have your gun working?
      Not sure you could, in good faith, try introducing that?
        The little green pic above does not look like a B1 ter, it looks like an AMX Char Moyen
      which is a paper tank, and i dont think the short period of Vichy tank research post armistice and pre torchlight is valid for anything?
      Who would it belong to? Axis technically, not free france.

      That said, France's biggest showing is going to be T0
      France has many armored units not yet in game that populate T0
      They are not monsters like the B1 bis, they are more on par with PZIIc and PZ38t as far as armor and armament goes.

      T1 you could pull off a few units that were directly slated for production, and from there it's on to the lend lease program.

      One thing this game has never done is allow paper equipment, if we went down that path
      you would have to put a special feature in for the axis side called equipment factory where you cut up the enemies defeated equipment
      and roll it out the other door with god knows what attached to it, cause one thing the axis were really good at was repurposing most anything
      they captured, at least during the early part of the war. And theirs wasnt paper, they grabbed a wrench and a torch and went at it.   While semi useless, i would put the char 2C in game just to have the biggest thing ever creeping across the battle field at 6mph
      It will die to anything almost, it doesnt have that much armor, but you could run shield for 100 infantry on the other side of you
      and no one would ever see them.  
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