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v1.30 OPEN BETA: Map Renders White (slow UI map updates)


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For everyone experiencing this issue I need some info:

- what OS and version

- what CPU are you running

- have you previously messed around with any settings outside the game like core affinity or any of the other "miracle fixes from the forums"

white and blurry map since 1.29, and white minimap affecting me as well. no problems before and havent messed with settings.

XP Pro, service pack 3

AMD Athlon 64, 3800+

Nvidia Geforce 7600 GT

1 GB ram

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This is unfortunately looking like it is tied to how high end your rig is. I am seeing what you guys are reporting because I have a crap rig. Gophur isn't' date=' because he has a nice rig. [/quote']

I've been having problem since latest update - hasn't affected gameplay, but still annoying..just curious, though, of what makes a rig "nice" or "high-end".... :rolleyes:

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I did the same as the above poster.. It got a lot better, but somehow the map is not as smooth as before. I'm not seeing white background though.

Win XP SP 3


AMD 64 3500+

Geforce 7600 GT 256 MB (Yes, it's terrifyingly bad..)

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Scratch that! I have found that once I give WW2OL priority in the task manager it goes goes into "You despawn whenever I feel like it - without any warning"-mode. Very annoying to drive a tank to the front lines and suddenly despawn (not disconnect, despawn!)

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I observed interesting behaviour of this white map issue. I bought a X-fi xtreme gamer soundcard and disabled my integrated realtek. The map stays MUCH longer white now then with the integrated sound. But setting the affinity to both cores still gets rid of it completely for me. Btw it gave me 5-10fps improvement (with 128 sounds enabled)

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have 3.02 ghZ , 2 gb ram and nvidia 7600 gs(256 vram) the game runs very good .

I started getting this white render map which goes randomly (If i zoom in zoom out) At some zoom mode it's rendered correctly then a bit of moving in left or right renders it white.

Anyway since then i had to format and all that.

Now with fresh windows i still get it (I'm updated to day ) So i don';t think the drivers or anything alike is causing this.I have 1 core so i don't know how to fix it :( WHat it might be ? Will there be a fix ?Help ?

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Just as elegance states, I had this issue when I used my SoundBlaster card starting with v1.29. I switched to the onboard RealTek and the map issue went away. I accidently discovered this when I was testing each sound option.

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For 1.30 we've removed the single core affinity from the executable as we are now using a better compiler. This should take care of this issue. Hopefully we'll be in open test soon and I'd appreciate your guys feedback.

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I haven't been in game for about 2 months and just reinstalled it with the latest patch a few days ago. I fired it up today and encountered both the blurry map (in brigade/mission selection screen) and the white-out map (in HUD during mission play). It takes about 20-30 seconds to clear up the immediate center area of the map and only when I move/zoom the map around.


Intel Core Extreme Q6850 (quad) @ 3GHz, 2 GB RAM

Windows XP Pro 5.1, Build 2600

Dual Nvidia 8800 GT cards in SLI mode, 512 MB each

Driver v. 6.14.0011.8120

Any help would be greatly appreciated. On another note, my rifle sounds don't seem to be working but I guess that's for another thread. =)


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  • 1 month later...

Started at the beginning of Camp 51 for me.

I'm embarrassed to post his but..

Intel Core2 T2070

Intel 945GM Integrated Graphics 128mb Shared


Windows XP Media Center SP3

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I didnt investigate it any further, but I had the feeling that when I installed the DNA Catalyst 9.2 it made the white map dissapeard faster then when I had the regular Catalyst. Of course setting affinity to both (or all four) cores is the preferred way to get rid of it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey, I just resubbed and this was the first thing I noticed. It is very annoying.

Windows XP Home SP3

P4 3.6ghz, 2gb RAM. Hyperthreading off.

Geoforce 6800 GTO ( I cant remember the RAM for it, I think 256?) arrgh! hehe.

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Thread renamed for the v1.30 OPEN BETA. Lets us know how these issues hsape up for you during this open test phase. Thanks everyone.

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Can confirm it, it is working now. But I have a dual core. I thought there were some issues too with single core CPUs.


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Guys, if you canhelp us out, please post if it is working for you when it did not before or that it is still not working. Please include a brief system outling (CPU, GPU) anad any odd things you might have done in the name of performance and any thing you do to fix it.

If we can replicate it we can probably fix it. If we can't then it will probably go unfixed.

I know you've probably got this info in other posts but we need it again so the coders don;t have to hunt for it.


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  • CORNERED RAT, Game is defaulting to both cores.

Map working pretty well, if i drag it quickly I see see white blocks but just very briefly before it updats and fills in.

Basicly same as live version when I set affinity to both cores.

E2160 1.8ghz OCed to 2.35ghz

Asrock duel vista mobo

2 gigs ddr ram

nvidia 9600gt vid with 512 ram driver versio (this mobo will not boot with 9x and later nvidia drivers)

Win xp pro sp2

plantronics dsp500 headset as primaty sound

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For me it has been working great since I installed the beta. Then Yesterday I had a CTD while I was logging in. I tried again and got in the game. I looked at the map and saw only 1 square properly rendered, the rest were white. After about 10 minutes the posted screenshot was taken. After 20 or 25 minutes the problem went away. FWIW I think it was connection related or network code related.


I was just in the regular 1.29 server for intermission play and noticed the same missing blocks on the map. My connection 10 % showed packet loss but I suspect it was much worse as it has been the past few weeks in crowded areas. First time ever I was unable to place a sapper charge on a tank even if I bumped into it. It refused to release the charge. I figure it was because he wasn't where my FE showed him to be.

Is that the case ?

CPU - C2D T7200

GPU - Nvidia 7950 GTX

Win7- 64bit

Default settings except for :



Sound - hardware 64 sounds

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okay. I tried 1.30 open beta and I am still getting this. Only fix is to set ww2se.exe to high priority.

P4 3.6ghz (hyperthreading off)

2gb ram

nvidia geoforce 6800 GTO 256mb RAM (driver version, April 2nd 2009).

Win XP home SP3

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