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NEED TEST - Floating Buildings (only for leet testers, tourists move on)


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no floating buildings, just a few berms and trees clipping into buildings.

The pictures are quite large and as you don't see to have spoiler tags I'll better just post the links:




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I'll take H:






































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I will do towns beginning with O.

Oberhausen - fixed

OfflineTrainingNew -

Offline - ??

Oisemont - NOT fixed - 2 AI towers 50m SW of the bunker are clipping into a building

Oostende - NOT fixed - New building furthest west of town(docks area) is on a slope so cant be entered from the east side. Minor fault, the only thing i could find wrong with this huge town!

Oosterhout - Fixed

Oostmalle - Fixed

Oplade - NOT fixed - trees clipping into west CP. minor fault, not intrusive.

Orchies - Fixed

Orval - Fixed

Ouddorp - NOT Fixed - berm clipping into west CP, not causiong issues though.

Oudenaarde - Fixed

Overath - Fixed

Edited by bigrow
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I was checked some towns and all looking fixed, but ... here is my '>P* Floating Buildings RESULT (unfinished)

Paal North Rail Bridge.0.39 Fixed

- game-play ok

- others ok

Paal East Bridge.0.39 NOT Fixed

- game-play ok

- others (floating obj, obj terrain collision, deep trees and traffic sign)



Paal East Rail Bridge.0.39 (not target) Fixed

- game-play ok

- others ok

Paal Dock.0.39 NOT Fixed

- game-play ok

- others (obj collision)


Paal.0.39 Fixed

- game-play ok

- othes ok

Panningen.0.39 NOT Fixed

- game-play ok

- others (berm in NCP, little floating building in ruins, obj terrain collision)


Peer.0.39 NOT Fixed

- game-play ok

- others (floating AB wall SE, floating vehicle spawn, floating AB CP, grass sandbags collision at W road, AI MG tower collision at crossroad)


Perrone South Bridge.0.39 NOT Fixed

- game-play ok

- others (obj terrain collision)

similar to Paal East Bridge


Perrone Rail Bridge.0.39 (not target) Fixed

-game-play ok

-others ok

Peronne.0.39 NOT Fixed

- game-play ok (AI MG Tower and tree collision at E road)

- others (little floating AB CP, bush SCP collision, Roisel Depot and tree collision, little floating building *in ruins)


Philipville.0.39 NOT Fixed

- game-play ok

- others (little floating AB CP, little floating central building in ruins, grass sandbags collision at W road, memorial without sculpture in SW part of town)



Picquigny.0.39 NOT Fixed

- game-play (floating AI MG Tower - clipping)

- others (floating AI MG Tower, deep trees at bridge, little floating AB CP)


MOD - Converted your document into a forum post! Excellent work mate, thank you very much!!

Edited by hchris
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Arendonk - fixed

Arlon - NOT fixed

Berm is placed pver the road:


Another huge berm placed over the road:


Rest of the town is OK.

Edited by hchris
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Gonna start goin through towns with N

Namur - fixed

Nandrin - NOT fixed

-building south of south cp, panel clipped into it

Neiderkruchten -fixed

Nettersheim -fixed

Nettetal - NOT fixed

- next to Kempen depot floating road poles

- approx 300m East road floating road sign and poles

- approx 1 K West road floating road poles

Neufchateau - fixed

Neufchatel - fixed

Neuss -NOT fixed

-ground elevation clips into Grevenbroich cp

-ground elevation clips into Dormagen cp and partially on the road NE next to it

Neuvillette - NOT fixed

-tree clipped into Guise spawn point and cp

-tree placed into buildings 50m North of Guise cp and another clippin into buildings there

-tree clipped into LaFere cp and building North next to it

-tree and bush clipped into one of the AB Inf spawns

-tree placed into building just North of St Quentin cp

Niederkassel - NOT fixed

- panel and bush clippin into Lohmar cp

Nijmegen - fixed

Ninove - NOT fixed

-panel and ground eevation clip into Zottegem cp

-floating road poles approx 300m s of town

-floating road poles and signs crossroads approx 1k s of town and road poles 100 m further s of crossroads

Nivelles -fixed

Nouvion - NOT fixed

-building 50m w of LaCappelle cp floats partially due to ground elevation

Edited by hchris
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LaBassee - Building row next to AB veh spawn has berm going through it, fuel tank near Armentiers spawn CP building is dug into ground, no elevation roblems

LaFere - AB AI blocking entry to fuel tank stairway, bushes in downtown crossroads, no elevation problems

LaCapelle - clear

LandreciesBridge - East end too low - problem enough that a truck might trip trying to cross

Landrecies - Clear

Langenfeld - Clear

Laon - Clear

LaRoche - Clear

Launois - Clear

LeCatelet - Bush in AB inf spawn, ground bank in road near tunnel,

LeCrotoy - Rail Bridge between Lecrotoy Bridge and Lecrotoy East Bridge has no icon on map

LeTouquet - Clear

LeTreport - Clear

LeChesne - Clear

Lens - Clear

Lent - Two buildings clipping, near Lent City CP, visible on map

Leopoldsburg - AI tower clipping E CP spawn building

LeQuesnoy - Clear

Leuven - Clear

Leuze - Clear

Also note that during constant CP reloading after 30 or so reloads I started getting a white Loading... screen, which got longer every time, eventually crashing the client with no message.

Edited by kylomylo
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Last addition to N towns:

Noyon - NOT fixed

-big red building N of S cp (Compiegne) floats when looking from w/nw at it

-ground elevation clipping into N cp (Ham)

Edited by hchris
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Liart = Clear

Libin - Bush in Libramont CP spawn

Libramont - Clear

Liege - Possibly clear, huge place

Lier - Something funky with the foundation of new farm building next to Antwerp CP cap building

Lille - Clear

Lillers - Fuel tanks at E CP dipped into ground, AB CP building ever so slightly over ground

Liomer - Clear

Lislet - AB cap building ever so slightly over ground

Lith - AB cap building ever so slightly over ground

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Spikjenesse - Town Clean except:

Spikjenisse - Crom CP.

1. Obtrusive Bush.

2. Tree merging with box





Otherwise Town Clean.

Edited by hchris
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Armentieres - fixed

Assigny – NOT fixed

Bush clipping into vehicle spawn


Berm placed over road


Attigny – NOT fixed

Bush in a building


Edited by hchris
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Still working through the E's. I got this far then hit Essen, and was like, holy fark. This thing is like 20 towns large.

So I figure I'll post the E's I did so far before continuing.


I noticed that the splotches of tall grass often appear to be floating an inch above the ground as part of the texture, not placement. Most noticeable on those single trees placed on concrete surrounded by circles of tall grass.

(Not all of these are something I'd consider a significant visual problem, but in the interest of being thorough they are here).


-Minor clipping between the fuel tank concrete base and forest terrain near the NW CP.

-Clipping between an AI MG tower base and a berm, NE part of town E of armybase icon.

-S of the SE depot, a position of sandbags and boxes is being heavily clipped by rows of tall grass.

-S Depot, the concrete outcropping is minorly clipping a berm.

-S of the armybase icon, a bush is blocking a doorway of a building and clipping into it. It is next to the green shed.


-N of Town at Y road, sandbag position is clipped heavily by tall grass.

-S road. A sandbag position clipped heavily by tall grass. And the grass is floating on the slope of the hill.

-SW concrete pillbox. Minor clipping with the hill. Not really an issue visually.

-E of armybase icon, a patch of grass is placed on the road in town.

-Near that, in the white building to the NE, grass is clipping inside of the building. It is also clipping into the adjacent CP building.

-At center of town crossroads, bushes clipping into church.

-AB sandbag position clipping very slightly into AB garage.


-In the AB, SE corner, an MG tower is majorly clipped into a building wall.

-E of AB icon, single tree with grass that floats.

-W of the E depot icon, 70m, bush clipped into building.

-N side of town, E of the road, a fallen log is stuck strait through a standing tree

-50m W of the S depot icon, grass clipping into a building.

-Sandbangs on the far E side of town are minorly clipped into a berm.


-Far W depot, major clipping of berm into depot building.

-N depot building. A tree, berm, and MG tower are all sitting on top of each other, and the tree is clipping into the depot nearby.

-20m N of AB's NE corner, bush clipping into a stone wall.

-60m S of the city flag icon, tall grass falls onto the road. in that same area some grass also clips into a nearby building.

-SE corner of AB, an MG tower is majorly clipped into the base of an storage tank.


-N side of town. The small stone barn is sticking too high out of the ground and creates problems with the pillars and the ivy textures.

-The large barn nearby also has some kind of screwed up polygon at the base of it, at the front side of the house.

-100m S of the E depot, a berm significantly clips into a building.


-By the southern depot is a building where the base falls onto the road significantly.


-100M N of the AB icon, on the NW road, a berm and bushes fall onto the road.

-Tree leafs and grass clipping into NW MG tower, but I don't think it's much of a visual problem.

-W side sandbags, minor clipping with tall grass.

-Near AB icon, west of barracks, a bush clips into building.

-SW side of town, sandbags near MG tower, tall grass minor clips into sandbags.

-Between fresnes and jarny depot, on road, tall grass falls onto it.

-NE corner of town, berm falls onto the cobblestone ground texture.


-Along the north-south road, the buildings bases fall on the road.

-Very minor clipping of tall grass on sandbags on E side of town.

-S wall of AB, bush clipping into wall.

-W Depot, concrete wall attached to it has minor clipping with a bush.

-On the W road, the building bases are very skewed with the line of the road, running onto the road on one end and far away on the other.

Edited by hchris
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I'll check F towns

Faulquemont : St Avold CP has AI Tower clipped into a sign right next to the CP. 30m S of CITY CP there are 2 berms clipping into each other. The west Oil tank in AB has a AI clipped into it.

Couldnt find any floating buildings.

Faversham : AI Tower at edge of town near the ruins NE is facing the wrong way. Standing at the crossroad in town you can see to the east that the appartments are some inches in on the road, same thing if you look at road north.

Couldnt find any floating buildings.

FechainBridge : Berms clipped into the bridge at each end

Fechain : Fechain-Cambrai depot has trees in it. Couldnt find anything else that was odd.

Feschaux : Wierd placement of AI MG at W CP, its between depot and CP (N and S) and blocked by appartments to the west. Berm about 50m NE of City CP flag that clips a building texture and sandbags facing east.

No more wierd stuff found.


















Will edit when I'm done.

edit: searched a few towns now and added comments on them, will continue tomorrow. Hockey face on!

Please be so kind and make a seperate reply for the rest of them so I don't miss them and can put them into the huge list, thanks! - MOD

Edited by hchris
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Stekenke No Floating Buildings but

1. Clipping Signpost into Spawn point.


2. Obtrusive Bush in Spawn Point.


(lats and longs on piccies but can't rememeber names - apologies).

Also had problem with loosing ground tiles going when looking 45 degrees straight down and moving forwards up and over berms - will check for other posts on matter.

Edited by Smythes
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Aubenton - NOT fixed

Bush in E spawn depot


Aubigny – NOT fixed

bush in capture building


Huge berm in building


Berm and bush clipping into small factory building


Edited by hchris
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Doing the V's wont bother with larger towns unless we get .supertroop


-Watch towers half floating over river

-intown north val-de-vesle near road, buildings clipped into each other http://i39.tinypic.com/2le1krb.jpg


- looks okay


-building at the roads dead end not placed correctly? just a minor thing

-ab wall small hole exit on west side has the ground raised slightly, can only exit prone and not crouched, minor thing.


-berm going through fence, minor thing http://i44.tinypic.com/e0ir20.jpg

-town pretty much ok


-buildings clipping into essen depot http://i43.tinypic.com/2ebhoig.jpg

-several buildings clipping in each other around the essen depot

-cannon in middle of road east side


-holy crap sheep! :D

-dirt is partially over some of the east road, just a minor thing

-town pretty much okay


-couldn't find any bugs, town pretty much okay

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OK - new update on towns with D (not including screenshots anymore)

Damvillers - fixed

Daun - not fixed (depot SE floating)

Deal - fixed

Deinze - not fixed (AI tower NW clipping, town building NW floating)

DenHaag - fixed (there is no town here - only a slab of concrete on the ground)

Dendermonde - fixed

Densborn - not fixed (Factory buiding S floating, town buildings S floating, town buildings mid sunk in ground, flying grass fields E)

Derringstone - fixed

Dieppe - fixed

Diest - fixed

Diksmuide - fixed

DinantBridge - fixed

Dinant - fixed

Dinslaken - fixed

Dizy - fixed

Dordrecht - not fixed (ammo tent at Dordrecht-Werkendam Depot floating)

Dormagen - fixed













Edited by hchris
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All H's tested:

I did two lists to try to separate the primary test and secondary issues found.

First list of results is checking for floating buildings ONLY.

Second list is for any secondary issues located along the way.

Building Float test:

Haamstede - fixed

Habay - fixed

Hahn - fixed

Halle - fixed

Hallschlag - fixed

Ham - fixed -

Hamoir - fixed

Hampteau - fixed

Hannut - fixed

Hasselt - fixed

Hastiere - fixed

Hastings - fixed

Hatert - fixed

Havelange - fixed

Haybes - fixed

Hazebrouck - fixed

Heerlen - fixed

Heesch - fixed

Heiderscheid - fixed

Heijen - fixed

Heinsberg - fixed

Helchteren - fixed

Hellevoetsluis - fixed

Helmond - fixed

Herbeumont - fixed

Hermeskeil - fixed

Herwijnen - fixed

Hesdin - fixed

Hillesheim - fixed

Hirson - fixed

Hoogstraten - fixed

Hornchurch - not fixed - AB walls and many building west side of town floating

Houffalize - fixed

Huesden - fixed

Hulst - fixed

Huy - fixed

Hortgenwald - fixed

Secondary issue list:

Haamstede - ok

Habay - SE side of town the road is covered by tree/berm object and intersecting building

Hahn -ok

Halle -ok

Hallschlag -Hallschlag-stadkyll depot has berm object intersecting and blocking doorway

Ham - woodbox objects floating SW side 100ft in air

Hamoir - ok

Hampteau - large tree growing inside building NE corner of town, another tree growing inside building west side

Hannut - ok

Hasselt - 1k south of town, there are sheep next to buildings and some of the sheep are stuck in the ground

Hastiere - floating road signs and rails 50ft in air East and SE of town along road. Also roadside posts by west cps floating 1ft.

Hastings - ok

Hatert - ok

Havelange - ok

Haybes - tree growing in the middle of the city CP

Hazebrouck - ok

Heerlen - Heerlen-Aachen depot has berms intersecting and partially blocking a doorway. Sittard-Herleen FB has berms inside inf spawn tents.

Heesch - ok

Heiderscheid - ok

Heijen - ok

Heinsberg - fuel tanks and barrels inside berms at Heinsberg-Roermond Cp area. Hiensberg-sittard cp has a tree blocking door and depot has berms inside.

Helchteren - Tree inside southern most buildings by AB

Hellevoetsluis - tree/berms cover road at Hellev-Westvoorne CP

Helmond - ok

Herbeumont - ok

Hermeskeil- ok

Herwijnen - ok

Hesdin - ok

Hillesheim - floating tents at Hillesheim-Statdkyll depot. Also crate objects in berms by houses near this depot and a strangely elevated house

Hirson - ok

Hoogstraten - ok

Hornchurch - AB walls and buildings west side floating

Houffalize - ok

Huesden - ok

Hulst - ok

Huy - floating roadside posts North end of town

Hortgenwald - floating tents at Hurtgenwald-Aachen Depot

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Verviers - couldn't find floating objects

-sandbags in ab partially going through inf spawn http://i39.tinypic.com/2qdwqa1.jpg

-building bit too close to the other, sidewalk partially inside building http://i39.tinypic.com/29vfpg.jpg

-sandbags inside sidewalk http://i41.tinypic.com/731cer.jpg

Vervins - couldn't find floating objects

-town okay

Veurne - couldn't find floating objects

-Advertisement sign clipping through stairs of Diksmuide depot

-bushes going through fence of Oostende depot, nothing important

-watch tower near dunkerque depot is clipping into sidewalk

-ab watchtower too close to trees?

-trees poking into the northern vehicle spawn in the ab

-Dunkerque cp flag poking into dunkerque depot

Vinaden - couldn't find floating objects

-sandbags north of town sinking into ground http://i43.tinypic.com/2ce6c7b.jpg

-sign going into building http://i39.tinypic.com/z4xat.jpg

Villers-Bretonneux - couldn't find floating objects

-some clipping at east depot http://i40.tinypic.com/29o1zz7.jpg

-tree also clipping into east depot

-tree branches poking into north depot

-tree clipped into veh spawn of ab

Vireaux - only a sign partially floating

-bush going through wall partially, near mariemburg depot, not really important http://i43.tinypic.com/9i90mx.jpg

-watch tower south of town partially in a berm

-advertisement sign west of town next to road partially floating

-memorial west of town sorta positioned funny, not sure if its supposed to be that way on sloped land

-unable to enter both pillboxes in stand position, west side of town, near road. Pillboxes have problems on sloped land?

Virton - couldn't find floating objects

-berm partially covering road

-2 white buildings very close to each other, cannot walk inbetween them http://i43.tinypic.com/117u3oh.jpg

-bush going through ab wall

Vise - couldn't find floating objects

-hill going through building http://i42.tinypic.com/ehhq2h.jpg

-bush inside white building east of town http://i41.tinypic.com/359wylt.jpg

Virty-En-Artois - couldn't find floating objects

-town okay

Vlissingen - partially floating ai pit

-trees east of town sunk low into the ground

-depot partially clipping into hill east of town

-watch tower clipping into berm

-brick wall fence clipping into white building east of town http://i42.tinypic.com/2wlsyah.jpg

- AI pit partially floating at the entrance to the docks http://i39.tinypic.com/178x87.jpg

thats all for today for me

FANTASTIC WORK EVERYBODY!! Please keep it up and the list will soon be finished! List in initial post was updated until THIS post - MOD

Edited by hchris
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Fixecourt : Fixecourt-Talmas CP has trees in it. The Warehouse at north edge of bridge clips into the berm that leads up to the bridge. The same warehouse also clips into ab walls, not by much.

You can see the dock clips into the berm and into the road, also the AI Tower placement at docks could do with some new placement.

No floating buildings

Flamierge : The church needs to be moved a couple of meters east, right now it blocks some appartmens. North of Bastogne CP there are some sandbags with boxes that clips into appartment pavement. Same appartment overrides the road by a meter or so. 100m east of AB there's a AI MG Sandbags that clips into a appartment building. 50m East of AB there's a Gunters Gas Station that totally blocks the road and clips into a building. AI MG Pit clips into AB Vehicle Spawn.

No floating buildings

Flavion : Windmill 50m east of Dinant CP is sunk into the ground a little bit. New farmhouse building north of Dinant CP has a Wheelbarrel (or whatever its called) sunk into the building texture. Some odd berms between Phillipville and City CP that clips into the buildings.AB Vehicle spawn has a berm clipping into the stair. ATG Pit just north of AB has berm clipping into it. Also there are some wierd placement of ATG pits in the AB vehicle area.

No floating Buildings

Florenville : Building roughly 60m north of ab barracks clips into berm.

Floating road "sticks" at Carignan CP.

No Floating Buildings

Folkestone : Folkestone-Lykne CP has trees in it, Boulogne CP aswell. The road going north in has some appartments a few inches in on it. The road heading east has alot of floatings stuff, signs,railings and sticks. ATG pit in the AB Area. AI Tower clipping into AB Vehicle spawn. Folkestone-Derringstone CP and Depot clips into each other.

Couldnt find any floatings buildings.

Fontoy : At Fontoy-Piennes CP there is one of these new bunker building on pavement texture, looks wierd. Just outside Fontoy-Esche CP there's a ATG Pit on city ground texture. Berm blocking road just north of AB Vehicle spawn. The road heading west-east in town has some appartments overridng it. Fontoy - Jarny Depot clips into some appartments and the CP has a berm clipped into it.

No floating buildings found.

More updates on the rest of F towns coming later on today.












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FortDeGaulle : Farmhouse about 100m north of town has wheelbarrel sunk into it. FDG AB Vehicle spawn is clipped into appartments behind it.

No sign of floating buildings.

FortMontgomery : Farmhouse just north of town has wheelbarrel sunk into the floor texture. New Windmill model is clipped/sunk into the ground, NE of town.

No floating buildings

FortRommel : Fixed

Foucarmont : Wierd placement of sign at Foucarmont-Gamaches CP, just north of the warehouse.

No floating buildings

Frankfurt : Not going to bother with FF without supertrooper, also.. allies cant even attack this place if I remember correctly?

FrenchFlakSite : Cant find it

FrenchTraining : What's up with this place? first thing I notice on spawn is a bunch of trees in the barracks and a MASSIVE fps drop. Game crashed when I tried to move.

Fresnes : At Fresnes-Etain depot there's a AI tower clipped into a berm. AB Vehicle clipped into AB Wall, both of them. Berm clipped into AB NE corner, same berm blocking road leading east. Another missplaced berm 10m north of that berm. Two Warehouses north of AB that could be split up a little bit. Building clipped into church aswell. Outside Fresnes-Thiancourt CP there are tents sunk into ground. Fresnes-Thiancourt CP has a Oil Tank next to it that is sunk into the ground.

Fressenneville : SAB Walls facing NW are sunk into ground. SAB has a AI Tower clipped into a building. NAB Vehicle spawn is clipped into sandbags behind it. Appertments on the west-east road in town. Sign clipped into building near Fressenville-LeTreport CP. Fressenville-Gamaches depot and a sign is clipped into a wall. Building overlaping the road the Fressenville-Le Crotoy depot. Fressenville-Abbeville depot clipped into a wall. Building clipping into berm at south edge of town. Wheelbarrel clipped into farmhouse ground texture south of town.

Couldnt see any floating buildings

Frevent : Buildings overlaping road south to north. Buildings overlaping road west to east. Berm clipped into Frevent-St Ricquier CP. Buildings overlaping road NW edge of town. Berm clipped into Frevent-Douilliens CP.

Couldnt see any floating buildings

Fruges : Fruges-Hesdin has a berm clipped a little bit into the depot.

Couldnt find any floating buildings

F towns done.

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I think I might have gotten ahead of myself - it would now seem that ALL army base cp buildings (the ones in place of bunkers) are hovering ever so slightly over the ground. Just run up to them, and hug the ground at the corner, then move around looking at the corner - you can see the ground texture underneath. Is there a point in reporting this? It's not a gamebreaker, at least I think it isn't.

Edited by kylomylo
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Vohwinkel - couldn't find floating objects

-sign clipping into fence near langenfelo depot

-bush going through brick wall of north ab

Valenciennes - sunken buildings

-cannon clipping through river edge at southern docks

-sunken set of buildings southeast of town an inch or two into the ground http://i44.tinypic.com/2d8l1mt.jpg

-nother sunken building southeast of town? http://i44.tinypic.com/ru8hoo.jpg

-nother sunken building http://i39.tinypic.com/6olqiw.jpg

-fence glitching into sandbags at Bavay depot http://i41.tinypic.com/20jpsmg.jpg

-building also glitching into another set of sandbags at bavay depot, I dont think those buildings are supposed to actually be there.

-northern docks clipping through river edge

-sunken sandbag pit at Railroad station on east side of town is clipping into a pillar http://i42.tinypic.com/1ij1fs.jpg

Edited by Matt6767
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