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BUG - Game freezing every session #4752


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Game freezes when flying after ~40min EVERY time. I never even rtb anymore cause every mission ends in a freeze. have to alt-tab out and end process.

win7 64bit

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Spent some hours flying around, no lock ups, need more info.

We're not saying it doesn't happen, or even anything in any way similar to that. We're saying we need to know why it happens to you and not somebody else, ie: the problem is specific to certain things we just don't know what they are, but you can help us because you're one of the people it is specific to. I am not, for example, which makes it more difficult to track down in testing. Since I cannot fly on your computer, you have to give us all the detail you can.

It's really that simple.

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Actually Gophur I made note of it in another air bug crash thread, but for what it's worth - Me and several squaddies were barcapping Brussells/Antwerp last night and many of us locked up at different times. Usually BY ~40 mins at latest, but they happen at various times.

I've had several on "mission end" situations - either landing and despawning or being shot down.

I've had them happen in the middle of air combat.

I've had them happen while just flying around not involved in anything in particular.

All have resulted in screen freeze, and require ctrl/alt/delete to task manager and shutting down the executable to end the game. Rinse and repeat.

I wish I could be more specific regarding the issue as DOC has requested (trust me - WE WANT to help you fix this!) but the sporadic nature of the crashes make it difficult for many of us to pin it down to one thing or another.

It happens to me while flying, period. But since that's pretty much all I do here, that's likely not of much help.

Edit: System is win7 x64

Processor: AMD PhenomII 965 BE at stock speed (3.4 Ghz)

Graphics: Nvidia geforce 470's in SLI

Motherboard: Asus M3N72D (I remembered!) it's the 750i chipset and ddr ram interface

8 gigs of pc 1066 ddr ram (running at 800 cause my mb doesn't properly support 1066)

I'm on a cable connection via Shaw Internet services, hard wired.

.... I have run over lunch today and run with lowmem specs since 1.31

I ran gamebooster most recently to kill background apps just in case and did NOT experience a crash, but that's probably because I didn't get to fly long enough honestly.... I can post more on this later when I get home and have time to play.

Is there anything more specific I can share with you to help? This is a nasty one guys. If there's more I can do, you have only to ask.

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You might not be able to pin down the event to something specific in terms of when it happens and what is common between them, we understand that.

Your computer hardware and software specifications are however, very specific and quite pin downable. ;)

That might lead us to something in common if several suffering it have, well .... something in common. It's a start. Starts lead to middles and ends. ;)

PS: "you" isn't YOU in any personal sense, it's a generic "you" meaning anyone reporting anything and not including system specs and any other details they can pin down, as a default condition of reporting anything at all, ever ... in the bug forum.

It's required information, if you can imagine why. :D

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I figured you may have already seen or learned of this while tracking this one down, but here is what we HAVE observed....

Originally it was suggested or inferred in some thread that it may be related to Nvidia hardware. I don't know that, but we have had pple in squad who are using ATI hardware experience the same thing.

Oh, damn, forgot my processor - will update the above info

but in case it doesn't get in there, it's a phenomII 965BE running at default 3.4Gz.

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It happens when flying. Period. Doesn't matter what you do (shoot, turn, loop, look left/right). Comes out of the nowhere everytime.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Intel Core2 Quad CPU

Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS


I don't belive one of you rats can't replicate it. Fly long enough (at least an hour) and you'll get it.

edit by DOC: well it's true, what purpose would there be in lying about it ? Been flying 70 minutes straight now, nothing. But I'm not arguing with you I'm merely reporting what we know. Stick to what we know not what you think we should know, thanks.

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Just to keep the info in one place. I originally posted this in the swdsman's 1.32 post yesterday. (please note that flying last night my game only locked up 3 times and my lag was significantly reduced so yesterday's patch was definitely an improvement.)

*posted 10/12/10

I wish I was technical enough to be able to really give you some helpful info but I will atleast try to explain what I saw and I know a many of my squadmates saw last night. For me I haven't had an issue with lagging since 1.31. 1.32 however gave me an incredible amount of trouble. As for lag, mostly above cities (flying around Givet,) but it really didn't matter what alt I was at. It most certainly was the worst anytime you were in a fight, fps would drop from 50-60 to under 5 often. From the way ea was bouncing around it appeared that many of my opponents had the same issue. Lag did happen however at anytime and at anywhere. For example I was gaining alt N of bertrix last night at about 4.5k looking forward and the my fps dropped to 2-4 several times.

Then the largest issue was the cthl and game lockup. I had this approximately 7 to 8 times last night. Happened most commonly going into a dive but also happened several times flying straight and level. This seemed to happen to several of us at the same time but not everyone. Example: Two of us were in a dogfight, the other 3 of us were diving in to help. 2 of our games locked up at exactly the same time. The others were fine for that mission. One of the more interesting instances however was a situation where my wingman and I were flying ne of givet at 4k and literally as soon we cross over the aws grid w of givet (BK i think from BJ, not positive) by wingman's game locked up. I flew a little further west, circled back around, and then my game locked up at almost exactly the same place on the map which struck me as odd. It made me think a little because it seemed as though the other situation where 2 of us locked up at exactly the same time, may have been crossing the line just west of givet. I have no idea how that could possibly be related, but it was a weird coincidence.

As for bailout or despawning out of mission I myself did not see this issue last night but I did have one squadmate that had his game crash everytime he tried to spawn out. So a bit of a different issue there.


windows 7 home prem 64

AMD phenom X4 3.0ghz

ATI 4870 HD 1080

8 gigs DDR2

soundblaster X-FI

(I am sure there is more information that is helpful but god knows I have no idea what it is or how to get it.)

S! Hope this is even somewhat helpful.


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Ok, just got back from lunch. Here's the deal. I was always flying with lowmem enabled despite the fact I have 8 gigs on my machine, but I have been doing that since 1.31.

Ran gamebooster for ****s and giggles. No crashes after two sorties over lunch today for a total of ~ 35 mins of time. I would have done more, but I'm sure my bosses wouldn't have approved of my being late due to "testing" BGE - but I'm working on it ;) .

So, I'll post more tonight. I can't really comment on whether or not gamebooster helped - but I can say that given my experience over the past two days I would have expected one lockup during that timeframe. But I'm probably premature in saying that.

I always run gamebooster and I've been having the crash, same message in the logs, the out of memory error.

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So its a hard lock. That means it probably won;t make a log but check anyway for the wwiiollog.txt

I've got a new patch going in that has some changes to the sound. It finally fixed me not hearing my planes engine when in a hurri and using software.

Since these kinds of locks are often faults with the sound stream try this next patch out and report back if there are any improvements.

If not I'll want to start collecting sys info on you guys so I can try and replicate by finding something common. But let's worry about the patch first.

Ok, sound then. I guess I can lower max sounds from 64 to 32, trying it now.

Or I can download a new patch, lol.

Edited by buggsy
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Ok I got it.

First time I flew 70+ minutes, nothing.

Second time, 45 mins (approx.) full hard lock.

We can now try to trap it, but it might take awhile. Can't say really, anything I say would be, at this stage, a total WAG.

We're chasing it though.

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I have it in three times , one near the target diving and two in rtb mode near Af.Times from 6 min to 24.No sound advice.No problems with bailout.

OS: Vista ultimate 64 SP2

CPU: Corel duo E8400 @ 3.00 Ghz

Ram: 4GB double chanel DDr2 @ 399Mhz (5-5-5-15)

Mb: ASUSTek P5KPL/1600,soked 775

Grafic: ATI radeon HD 5870 in 5040x1050.

Sound: VIA high definition Audio.

S! and good hunting.

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While we hunt this one down, and you're waiting on a fix ... if you can keep your sortie under 42 mins you should be able to avoid it while we are herding this particular bug into position under our shoes.

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Does the new patch has to do with this bug?

I hope it does...i guess i will let you guys know in an hour or so.

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Have had the frozen screen followed by CTHL .. but since patch i have had game crash to desktop 2 times.. first time game has ever done this. low end system i guess.

AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual core 4800 2.50 ghz

4 Gb ram

nivida 8800 oc vid

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GL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation|Renderer: GeForce GTX 470/PCI/SSE2|C++ Exception: class std::runtime_error Out of memory at address 75A6B727

$Id: wwiiClientMessages.cpp 3678 2010-05-18 08:10:04Z osmith@CRS $

This file contains data on the last abnormal application termination that is used to submit crash information automatically to Playnet. Data solely describes the fault and does not contain any system/personal identification.

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Definitely a memory leak. Mem constantly grew slowly over game time. Maxed at 1.2G while playing inf then as soon as I started flying it grew with each respawn to 1.4G. Went back to ground was still 1.4G. Starting to get stutters with mem growth. FPS down. Climbed to 1.5G on ground in Turn. Feels like crash will occur so I restarted game. Bout an hour total play time

E8600 Core 2

4 Gigs Mem

Nvidia GTX480

Windows XP

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I was on spit 1a flying 2nd sortie from twerp to St. Truiden, at 30+ min, I CTD

Beside my GF8800 512MB card, I have win xp sp3, with 3.00 GB memory ( 4GB physically ), I set my virtual memory from 4.5GB to 6GB, and my CPU is Intel E8200 slightly OC'd to 3200MHz FSB, I have Auzentech X-Fi chipset 7.1 soundcard

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Last night I spent some time flyin with a squaddie near antwerp. I was able to last about an hour post hotpatch before CTDing. THIS time it was a CTD as opposed to a hard lock in game.... so it's progress of a kind i guess. Hopefully a log will be generated from this and will provide the rats with better information.

Gamebooster was run, and I'm still on the lowmem option. I did not change my sounds but I believe I'm currently at 128. I'm also using a creative x-fi card and not onboard sound fyi.

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From the other thread - but reposted here for your convenience.

Last night I spent some time flyin with a squaddie near antwerp. I was able to last about an hour post hotpatch before CTDing. THIS time it was a CTD as opposed to a hard lock in game.... so it's progress of a kind i guess. Hopefully a log will be generated from this and will provide the rats with better information.

Gamebooster was run, and I'm still on the lowmem option. I did not change my sounds but I believe I'm currently at 128. I'm also using a creative x-fi card and not onboard sound fyi.

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Im at work and don't recall my system details, but I will do my best.

Lastnight, one DB7 sortie from Maubeuge, 22 minutes total.

Was experiencing brief freezing often, mostly right after take off.

At 22 minutes, it was the fastest ctd I've ever had. It didn't freeze prior to ctd, everything was smooth and then I was looking at my desktop. Very atypical compared to other ctds.

nvidea 8600 gtx

Window7 64bit

4 gig ramm

duel core cpu. (sorry, can't remember which)

I use mobo sound hardware. (No card)

I'll try to remember to post more specs when I get home tonight.

This probably wasn't any help to you, but I thought i'd try.

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Well this lock up isn't producing any CTD logs or I'd have them and all I've got is super trivial stuff. 19 for the biggest offender so...

DOC was able to reproduce a freeze flying last night so we have a thread though a thin one to follow. We're going to try and replicate again and then try a couple things like turning sounds down or turning sound off and seeing if that helps.

MARTINI just spent an hour flying and he's not seeing it. Does it only happen in a single sortie over 40 minutes or is it multiple sorties?

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