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Feedback - CTD on spawn #4248


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That is the bug exactly. TY. Can you post or email me your wwiiollog.txt file next time this happens?

Will do. I haven't nailed down a way to reproduce it yet and it's relatively rare for me.

I have had a few times where I've chugged after hitting enter world where I'm convinced I'm going to get it, but eventually spawn in. Dunno if that's any clue for you (ya, I'm sure it's not). Anecdotally, I'd call it a timeout type problem - 'enter world' chug, chug, chug -> beat the timeout for a spawn, or exceed the timeout and CTD.

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Too lazy to read all pages.

Just got CTD when making new mission in new St. Niklaas and spawning after having been in Catillon FB.

I think there's some memory thrashing because a few times before the crash I got like crap graphics on my "preparing spawn" screen, you know where the quote is. Previous spawn I got a symbol that looked like the "crouch"-symbol but covering the entire screen. Nothing else, no text. then i spawned.

Last time I just got a plain white screen, then CTD.

I usually get strange graphics on the spawn screen after playing for a few hours. Usually a small icon stretched across the entire screen. Not everytime I get CTD though.

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